Pumpkin Head I-Group: Men's Support Group in East Vancouver


Pumpkin Head is an advanced Integration Group (Men’s Support Group) because it runs in closed format and an attendance commitment is required. Once per quarter the doors open up and you can join this group of dedicated New Warriors. Any man may join providing he is prepared to make a committment to attend the 8 week series of biweekly meetings. 

Because the group is closed deep bonds are forged between men and massive internal progress can be made on learning:

Conflict resolution
Communication skills
Relationship development skills
How to make and meet big goals
How to overcome the past
Brotherhood and camaraderie
How to tell the truth with compassion
How to create and maintain strong groups
How to manage your emotions

For more information about the next time you can join Pumpkin Head I-Group contact Steve at 778-707-7114 or metalroofer@hotmail.com.

See upcoming Open Meeting dates for Pumpkin Head I-Group on our ManKind Project Vancouver Calendar.